Agate Turritella crystals healing stone necklace natural gemstone pendant

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🌞Agate Turritella Hand made stone necklace, crystals healing 
for men and women,
Genuine stone with a natural shape.
🌞Necklace : 3 m"m braided synthetic leather
Length : 17" and 2" extension
Pendant size : approx 0.3 " x 0.8 "

🌞The pendant is attached to the necklace in a seamless, designed to 
a triangle shape and colored by hand in natural brown color, a small 
blue howlite healing stone stamped in the center 

🌞Stone properties :
Provides a sensation of power to confront and succeed. Strengthens the ability to survive. Good for protection. Increases the connection to plants and minerals.

🌞Perfect as a gift to your friends and beloved ones,
a meaningful gift for birthday, valentines day and any other 
occasion that you want people to remember for many years